Guinea Kids Health and Education board members are seeking volunteers with various professional experiences and skills. As we expand our vision and program offerings, we need everyone from architects and dentists to nurses, educators and business managers. 

Every year, for the months of December – January, we will host a mass effort to better the local community in Conakry through our non-profit organization. Currently, our programming includes sponsoring education and meals to children in Guinea. However, the next phase of our charity includes building a medical outreach program onsite until we have collected enough monetary and medical supply donations to open a rural hospital. Over time, our goal will be to make these efforts sustainable in our absence. Until then, we will make a concerted effort to bring goodness to Conakry and continue to build one year at a time. 

Are you ready to put in the time and work? Are you a self-starter and able to share your vision? Join the team!

We are looking for:





Dental Professionals

Public Health Visionaries 






The Guinea Volunteer fee of $600 includes 3 weeks of meals, lodging and a shuttle from the airport. Volunteer fees do not include international or local airfare, excursions, and entertainment. Additional activities will be charged at cost. Volunteers will be charged with tasks that support our non-profit organization. These tasks can include anything from spending time with the community children, building, cooking, cleaning, photography, planning and supporting the flow of our retreat activities. Volunteers with highly specialized skills will be supported in their role to provide their services. Please communicate your limitations and needs ahead of time so that we may do our best to accommodate you. 

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