Youssouf Koumbassa

Youssouf at Age 18, Grade 8

Youssouf has been the “young man of the house” since an early age. His maturity is beyond his years. He is sincere and earnest and helps to look after his large family.

After just a few months of learning French in his new school, Nimba Elisa, Youssouf began speaking in French to his older brother, Karim as they talked one day. Youssouf then said, “Brother, let’s talk. Can you speak English?” Karim was moved to tears that Youssouf was so proud of his new learning that he wanted to practice speaking English with him.

About school, Youssouf said, “If we had started at school earlier, it would have been so great.” He really likes his teachers and says, “They are good at teaching. They don’t shout at us.”

Youssouf likes reading and biology and wants to be a soccer player when he grows up. He currently assists with many of the managerial tasks of running the Guinea Kids program.

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