Many organizations are changing communities through illness & disease prevention, prenatal care, disease control, vaccinations, and health education relevant to the local community. These organizations span from big cities to the most rural parts of the world to bring healthcare to children and adults. Unfortunately, there are only a few that support Guinea.

In 2019 with our 501(c)3 exemption, we started accepting medical supplies and equipment donations to provide care to those in need, not only for the children we serve but also for the entire community. If you would like to become a medical volunteer, submit a volunteer application and join our team!

Guinea Kids is expanding its programming to include providing routine and urgent care to the community. As we grow, we will provide any health-related services needed based on the resources we have from our international community.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the top 10 causes of death in Guinea are mostly treatable or preventable. As you plan your donation or volunteer experience, please keep these in mind. All medications/vaccines, medical devices/equipment related to these ailments are in great need. 

  1. Lower respiratory infections
  2. Malaria
  3. Neonatal disorders
  4. lschemic heart disease
  5. Stroke
  6. Tuberculosis
  7. Diarrheal diseases
  9. Congential defects
  10. Meningitis
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