Guinea Kids sponsors the education of several children in the neighborhood of Enco-Cinq in Conakry, Guinea. In 2007 Guinea Kids Education Fund (GKEF) began as a fundraising effort with a sweet and fun-packed event including traditional Guinean music and dance performance, a children’s dance performance, and a taste of Guinean food…and so a tradition was born. GKEF continued through Karim Koumbassa’s efforts and has grown to become Guinea Kids Health & Education Fund.

By simply giving a child a backpack of school supplies or providing a consistent source of education or food, we ensure a better future for these children. For the rich culture that the Guinean people share with the world, the least we can provide can make a world of difference.

They have given joy to so many through their music, dance, and history. It is part of their culture to give to others. With what little they have, they find a way to help all those around them in need. What makes more sense then for us to support them to raise hopeful, healthy, and educated children?
We invite you to join us in making a difference in the world of these children.

We provide the necessary funds for:
• School tuition
• Backpacks filled with school supplies
• School uniforms and shoes
• Student meal program: breakfast and lunch on school days
• After-school tutoring in “The Homework Place.”
• Supplies and maintenance for “The Homework Place.”
• Salaries for staff in Guinea (employing local Guineans)
• Professional development for staff in Guinea

Learn more about how you can Donate.

Founder Marissa with Guinea Kids Students.

Many people have given their time, energy, and resources to make sure children of Guinea - who would not, otherwise, have a chance to improve their lives through education - are enriched and supported.

With Guinea Kids, you can sponsor a child and know exactly where your investment is going. Your donation will make a direct impact on the life of a student and their family. For about $1 a day, your monthly sponsorship will cover tuition, supplies, and uniforms.

There are several campaigns to which you can contribute. You can support the Daily Meal Program where we provide two meals daily to the Guinean children and their family members in need. Providing meals to the family allows the family to support the child in school rather than pulling them from class to make money. There are many family members and community members in Guinea who give their time daily to ensure our programs’ success. We depend on them to pay the tuition, buy groceries, cook meals, follow student progress and attendance, and manage the construction of our community center. With your help, we can provide them a Salary for In-Country Staff and their efforts. Please take some time to review our campaigns and join our team.

Help us break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and preventable illness and death. By sponsoring a child you provide not only the means but also encouragement and hope to children and their families. You will also support the Guinea Kids’ mission and vision towards a healthier, more educated, and sustainable Guinea.

With the support of our growing community of child sponsors, we will increase our impact and reach helping more children. Eventually, rather than paying tuition and taking limited seats in existing programs, we will build a school of our own, making education much more accessible and relevant to the current world.

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