Guinea Kids is raising awareness about the healthcare shortage in Guinea, West Africa as well as campaigning to raise funds to build a 50-bed rural hospital outside of Conakry.

There are components of our mission that cannot be donated. These include:

  • Tuition
  • Shipping donated materials overseas
  • Customs
  • Professional/Legal Fees
  • Marketing
  • Administrative and Operations 
  • Construction Labor

With your tax-deductible donation, you can be sure that at least 80% of every dollar is going towards our mission. 

Give the gift of compassion and time. Join us during our Annual Retreat to provide medical services and help build our rural hospital. As a community, together, our collective sweat and insight can save and improve so many lives.

Do you or your company need a tax write off! We need commercial or retail space to call home, receive donated items and hold events!

We need shipping containers to send donated medical and construction supplies to Guinea to begin construction and services. After shipping, containers will be repurposed to build homes in Africa.

Enclosed trailer (6’ x 12’ desired) to pick up donations that cannot be delivered. There are always free construction items made available in the community. We just need the means to acquire and store them. 

Pick-up truck (3/4 ton desired) to pull heavy construction equipment and materials from donors. All other donated vehicles will be shipped to Africa and used for program operations. 

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