Video Footage of Dec. 2007 visit to Groupe Scholaire Sabadou

Finally, I am posting a link to take a look at my visit to the school, Groupe Scholaire Sabadou. The video footage is quite long and is mainly us touring the empty school (the students were on break), but if you click ahead to 32:00, you will find the part where Sarah Lee Koumbassa is telling the school founder about the money we were giving to them. Its mostly in french, but there is a part where Sarah Lee explains what was said. But you can see from the looks on their faces what is going on.

Its also worth it to take a look at a few points along the video to get an idea of what the school and classrooms look like. There is also a section where some of the students in the neighborhood come in and do recitations for us. I’m mostly too emotional or tearing up through the whole thing to say much of anything…

Wontanara (We’re all together),

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