Photos by Ilona Berzups. (c) 2008 All rights reserved

…Was an amazing experience of friends and community and children coming together to support broadening the life opportunities for children around the world! WE HAVE RAISED NEARLY $6000 TO DATE from this year’s event!!! The concert was truly a beautiful thing. The space was transformed into a gorgeous African dream. There were exciting things to browse and buy including Guinea and Seattle Kid’s Collaborative Art Cards. There were yummy things to taste including fried plantains and ginger juice.

The children’s dancing was a highlight for me. Their bright spirit’s shone on stage and their joy was infectious. Some of the children even got the treat of dancing to live drumming when we had a sound glich. Hey, even better…we had the real live thing instead of recorded music. I loved it!

The photos and information about Guinea added a deeper understanding of this amazing place that has captured the interest and love of so many of us. Probably the best feedback I received about the event was a woman who said that it made her want to go to Guinea and that she appreciated that the event expressed not just the poverty of the place, but the joy and beauty of Guinea equally. To convey that aspect was so important to all of us involved. I am so gratified that it came through.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all involved, all contributors, and all who continue to keep this light alive with me.


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