Grand Ceremony at Groupe Scolaire Sabadou

Here’s another picture of the school, Groupe Scolaire Sabadou, from the front. Last thursday there was a big gathering at the school to formally hand over the funds. Many of the students from Seattle who are there currently doing another drum and dance camp with Karim Koumbassa were in attendance as well as many of the musicians. More and more people are becoming interested and inspired to get involved with this school. Sarah Lee told me, “It’s so much bigger than us now.” The founder of the school made an empassioned speech in gratitude for how their school is being acknowledged. Sarah Lee was able to visit the classrooms while school was in session and she video recorded everything. She said the children had prepared songs and greetings that were performed for them. At the end of an hour and a half gathering the musicians began playing and everyone was singing in the courtyard and calling out, “Vive America!”

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