The Guinea Kids: In Their Own Words

While recently in Guinea, I sat down with some of the Guinea Kids to ask them about what they are learning at school and about what interests them. Here’s what they had to say:

“I learn how to do math and read my lessons and learn to write and to draw. When I finish school I want to be a tutor and be a doctor.”

~Yonfila Youla, age 9, year 2

“I like to learn the lecture and take my books and read. I sharpen my pencil and write down my lesson from the board. I want to be a construction worker and a mechanic.”

~Mohamed Kairaba Koumbassa, age 8, year 2

“I like to read the alphabet and reading the board. I want to be a mechanic for fixing cars. I want to read Arabic.”

~Ibrahima Calille, age 5, year 1

“I learn how to read the lessons at school and singing.”

[What is your favorite thing to do after school?]

“I take my book and do homework.”

~Mohamed Lamine Camara, age 6, year 1

“I learn how to read and write and to calculate and I am starting to learn to read in English a little bit. I learn how to read my lesson. I want to be a teacher.”

~Mabinty Youla, age 12, year 5

“When I’m at school I learn how to do math and how to draw.

When I come home from school I say hello to my mom and dad and neighbors, change clothes, eat, take my books and study until it is time to study with everyone.”

~ Alhassane Youla, age 10, year 5

“I learn French and “A” and “B” and “C.” When I come home I take my writing board and I take my uniform and my bag and go to school.”

~Oumou Kieta, age 4, preschool

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