Spotlight on a Guinea Kid: Bosana (Ismael) Toure

To know 16 year old Bosana Toure (aka Ismael) is to know a bright and shining star. When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, Ismael describes the role of an ambassador. A most charismatic young person, Ismael maintains his zest for life despite the tragic hardships he has recently endured.
Bosana took the name Ismael after both of his parents were killed in a car accident when he was 13. This has been a tenuous period for Ismael and school. After his parents’ death, he lost interest in school and was found to be wandering his neighborhood instead of attending school. GKEF board members Karim Koumbassa and Alya Koumbassa both counseled Ismael, having brotherly heart to heart talks and encouraging him to stay in school. He continues with school and the GKEF program and he is our student in the highest level: year 8.
Ismael has a gift for creative and entrepreneurial intelligence. His capacity for learning is great and his potential needs to be guided and challenged by a supportive, high quality education experience.
You can support a bright future for Ismael and many other children like him by making a donation today.
Inawali! (Thank you in Sousou)

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