Our Students Take On Leadership Roles In Their Community!

The thing that has me most excited about Guinea Kids lately is that our 2 oldest students have begun taking on leadership roles within the the program! Youssouf Koumbassa and Bosana (Ismael) Toure (pictured above) have both been with our program since its inception 5 years ago. They were 13 years old and 12 years old, respectively, back then when I first met them.

As these two boys have grown up nearing adulthood, the biggest question on my mind has been what will be next for them? How can we continue to support them in their educations and their lives? What can we offer that will prepare them for the life ahead of them in Guinea? The now 18 year old and 17 year old seem to be answering with this next step on their paths, taking on many of the responsibilities of managing the Guinea Kids program.

Under the guidance of board and community members, Alya Koumbasa and Karim Koumbassa, ¬†Youssouf and Ismael have acted as liaisons to the children’s school, purchased supplies, and helped with other managerial tasks. Both Alya and Karim have expressed being deeply impressed by these young men’s actions and willingness to help. I’m incredibly proud of Youssouf and Ismael for being inspiring models to the other students and children in their community. I am touched by their desire to give back once again to the organization that has assisted them and in this way our vision of a mutually enriching connection between our cultures continues to grow.

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