GKEF member Karim Koumbassa recently returned from Conakry, Guinea where he spent 3 months at the Koumbassa home with his family in the Enco-5 neighborhood. There he was living and working among his family and community which includes all of the Guinea Kids’ children. Much of that time he used to assess, improve, and refine the GKEF project.

Most importantly for Karim and all of us at GKEF that means checking in with each of the children. How are they? Are they healthy? Happy?

Are they going to school everyday and doing their homework? Are they eating?

As I looked through all the wonderful photos taken in January (thank you Scott Tucker for these!), Karim’s personal care for these children really comes through. We are so grateful to have someone on our team here in the States who can go to Guinea each year and touch base with the kids on behalf of all of us.

New Guinea Kids Added!

Thanks to all our donor contributions, GKEF was able to meet one of our goals of increasing the number of children in our program. Guinea Kids has enrolled 5 more children into the program for a total of 25 students now being sponsored by our donors. Assessment of the funds raised last year and the current capacity of the program in Guinea has indicated that GKEF can support additional children. So, while Karim was there he selected 5 more children in the neighborhood to join the growing family of Guinea Kids!

Here they all are gathering for school early in the morning at the Koumbassa home. An older and very responsible boy, Yousouf, gathers them and is in charge of their breakfast and lunch money.

Each morning all 25 children make their way through their neighborhood of Enco-5 to their school, Groupe Scolaire Nimba Elisa.

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