Guinea Kids Fundraising Committee

Last weekend we had the first meeting of the Guinea Kids Fundraising Committee! This newly forming committee was a natural progression after the trip to Guinea. So many of the 20 Americans who went to Guinea have been profoundly touched by this place and its people. Since returning, we all have been constantly talking about Guinea and how to continue making a difference and what to do next. And so to get us onto manifesting all our amazing ideas, we have begun meeting.

We discussed the 2nd annual fall fundraising show with music and dance from Karim Koumbassa and friends and the students of New Discovery School. Mark your calendars! This event will be taking place around the first week in October.

This summer we will be having two Taste of Guinea parties to celebrate Guinea, share photos and experiences of the trip, shop the African marketplace, and savor West African food. Keep an eye out for these invitations!

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