Young People Helping Young People

Guinea Kids would like to highlight an inspirational young person who took an opportunity to be moved into action by the world around her. 13 year old, Liki Berg, upon learning about GKEF and the children it supports, decided to hold her own fundraiser at her school, Twin Falls Middle School.

Together with her school Key Club, Liki made candy grams and sold them to raise money for GKEF.   The Key Club made a total of $150 selling candy grams and hope to do more with GKEF in the years to come.

Above are photos of Liki and her Key Club making the cards and holding up the check that was sent to GKEF.  What awesome young people! And thank you Twin Falls Middle School!

Here is more about Liki’s story from her mother, Becky Berg:

 ”I first heard about the Guinea Kids 
Education Fund last year from Sarah Lee’s wonderful emails she sends about all that is going on in our community…she mentioned the benefit concert and I wanted to just do something to help after reading Marissa’s amazing experience… I went with my boyfriend to the benefit concert and had a great time too!!! I mentioned this to my daughter Liki who was 12 years old (now 13) and who was involved with her Key Club in school at the time (now involved with much more after being so inspired to help by GKEF.)  Her letter attached explains how encouraged she has been by GKEF to help others and honestly made me cry when I read it:) Thank you to Marissa, Sarah Lee, Karim and their family for encouraging our family to help others!!!” ~ Becky Berg
A Letter From Liki to GKEF

Dear Sarah Lee,

The Guinea Kids Education Program has truly opened my eyes. It has brought me to realize that there are a lot of things in life that many people take for granted. I always thought that school was a burden and that there was no point in going. This has made me think of what I would do if I didn’t have school everyday, or rather what everyone else would do. Probably just sit at home on the couch and never know what was going on in the world. I now know that there are kids who can’t go to school and want to go so badly. It’s not fair for them to miss out on a life long experience. The GKEF helps turn a child’s life around and it gives a person great satisfaction to know that they helped make that happen.

What I did was not hard and something that anyone could do. I sold candy grams at my school with my key club. It’s something easy just like a bake sale or a garage sale. The point was that no mater how much or how little you do it all makes a difference in the end. My advice is to just do something you know and are good at weather it be a bake sale or a huge music festival. Where you start to first chose what you want to do and who you want do it for. Then all you have to do is go for it.

     Everyone should be open and aware of the ongoing world around them. Then everyone could see a better world. We could see unity, love and happiness all throughout the world if everyone contributed. I think that my purpose in life is to make someone else’s better, something I could never do if I didn’t know how. I want to be an inspiration to the people who follow me. I only hope that this is a goal
I can reach.



Liki Berg

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