Archive: January, 2008

Art Project Time: What can I say, I’m a preschool teacher.

In these photos, the Koumbassa children are creating the beginning of an art project that I hope will raise money to fund a library for the Sabadou School. My idea is for the children at New Discovery School to finish the art work, compile the art and photos into a calendar and sell it as [...]

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Grand Ceremony at Groupe Scolaire Sabadou

Here’s another picture of the school, Groupe Scolaire Sabadou, from the front. Last thursday there was a big gathering at the school to formally hand over the funds. Many of the students from Seattle who are there currently doing another drum and dance camp with Karim Koumbassa were in attendance as well as many of [...]

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Freshly Returned From Guinea, W. Africa!

Hi Everyone! I have just returned from Guinea and have much to share. This journey was one of the most rich and rewarding experiences of my life. These photos are of some of the children who are receiving the scholarship money to attend school. And photos of the school they will attend and that will [...]

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