Marissa Baratian (Founder)

Marissa Baratian

I am a preschool teacher at New Discovery School in Seattle. I have loved working at this community-oriented school since 1997. I am also a dance instructor for young children sharing dances from around the world, specifically Guinea, giving the children I teach exposure to a greater global community and awareness.

My role with Guinea Kids is that of founder, executive director, and communications writer. I have also been in the role of event planner and coordinator, and speaker.

I was inspired to start GKEF when preparing to take my first trip to Guinea to study traditional dance in 2007. I was inspired to give back in a meaningful way to this culture that had given me so much joy through music and dance for 14 years! As a teacher of young children in a school community that values their children and education, I clearly saw an opportunity to make a connection with the children in Guinea and to make a difference because of it.

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