Board Members


Karim Koumbassa has been a part of Guinea Kids Education Fund from its inception in 2007 and he helped to found the organization. His roles with GKEF include Guinea Communications and Liason, Cultural Consultant and Advisor, and Executive Director of Program Management in Guinea. His commitment and dedication to GKEF goes beyond all calls of duty. These children are his family, neighbors and community in Guinea.

Drummer, dancer,  choreographer,  director and instrument maker from Guinea,  West Africa,  Karim has worked extensively with some of the best and most renowned artists from his country such as Mamady Keita and Youssouf Koumbassa. His immense love and appreciation for African culture drives Karim to be an amazing teacher and performer.

Chisula Koumbassa is a healthcare professional by training with an emphasis on public health, community health and education. Chi is a new member of Guinea Kids after marrying Karim in 2018. Her primary goal has been to make Guinea Kids officially a charity organization recognized by the State of Washington in addition to establishing the very necessary 501(c)3 tax-exempt status of a nonprofit organization. For Mrs. Koumbassa, expanding her husband’s original dream of educating Guinea Kids to incorporating healthcare needs and education will be a legacy worth building.
Vicky Sattler RN, PhD has a background in emergency nursing, community health, and global health. She is a staff nurse in the emergency department at a level 2 trauma center and an instructor at WSU College of Nursing. She has taught community health clinicals, physical assessment, pathophysiology and pharmacology, and environmental health. Her international experience includes developing international immersion courses for nursing students,  organizing medical mission trips for health professionals, and partnering with international institutions of higher education for research and educational purposes.
In 2019, Vicky had the privilege of joining Guinea Kids after meeting Chi at WSU. Guinea Kids is an organization that strengthens communities through improved heath and education which resonated with Vicky. 

Meredith McFall is a nurse in training and has five years of experience directing programs for at-risk youth in the state of Washington. She developed an interest in African culture while studying anthropology and aviation at her first college. These interests prompted her involvement with a children’s orphanage in New Guinea, after which she decided to become a nurse practitioner. Upon graduating, she hopes to work in Africa as a healthcare provider. In the meantime, she has worked for local non-profits to develop safe and educational programs for at-risk youth ages 7 to 12.   Meredith became a member of the Guinea Kids team after sharing her interests with Chisula Koumbassa.
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